ARM vs Fixed Loans

ARM loans - not as scary as it seems.... As mortgage brokers, we see it all the time - borrowers asking for the 30-year fixed because it's exactly that.... fixed.  It doesn't change.  The rate stays the same and the monthly payment

Reverse PURCHASE?!

Did you know?  Since 2014, Reverse mortgages can be used to PURCHASE a home.  Reverse mortgage programs have been around for a long time to provide an opportunity for seniors 62 or over to tap into their home equity and extinguish

Investment Properties

Real estate is certainly the ticket to building wealth in California but with so many high-priced areas and restrictive lending guidelines, how can a borrower qualify for a second home, much less an entire portfolio of investment properties? 

Condos with HOA litigation

One of the most hard-to-find mortgage solutions is when a subject condo is under litigation – not just a plaintiff’s suit, or slip & fall, but for dreaded STRUCTURAL DEFECTS.  This happens when the management organization is unable to

Bank Statement Loans Are Here!

Today, ‘Bank Statement’ loans are replacing what was formerly called Stated Income – two dirty words from the good ‘ol wild west which the Dodd-Frank Act thoroughly abolished in 2010.  So then what is new or better about the Bank Statement