There is no template when it comes to mortgages and every homebuyer is unique.

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Stated Income

Arthur and June are performers who have lived in Europe for the past year. When their daughter was born, June decided to take a break from performing but Arthur was still performing Read More →

Condos in Litigation

Sarah and Michael have been looking for a new home for 3 months now. They finally found the perfect condo but then were told that the HOA was in litigation. Condos are great starter Read More →

Credit Repair

Robert has four children and has number five on the way! They’re ready for a bigger home and he wants to make sure that his children will always have a home to go to. He has been a Union Read More →

RSU Income

Rohan is a high-tech entrepreneur who develops semiconductor testing equipment to major Silicon Valley blue chip. He had plans to move to a Palo Alto neighborhood which had a better school Read More →