Hello, I’m Lupe Del Castillo, and I’ve been in the mortgage business since February 2004, growing expertise over the years. Currently situated in the vibrant Bay Area, I navigate the intricate landscape of real estate mortgages, contributing and learning from the ever-evolving dynamics of this dynamic market.

Being fluent in both English and Spanish has proven to be a valuable asset, allowing me to connect with a diverse clientele and bridge communication gaps in this multicultural community. Being a bilingual loan officer creates smoother transactions with my clients and enhances the overall client experience with mortgages.

On the personal front, I am a proud parent of three wonderful children. One of them is pursuing her education at San Jose State University, where they are engaged in pursuing knowledge and personal growth. As a family, we find joy in the blend of academic achievements and the rich cultural tapestry of the Bay Area.

My journey in the mortgage industry has been a great way to connect and learn more about my community, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to the financial well-being of individuals and families in this dynamic region.

Feel free to connect if you have any inquiries about mortgages, or real estate, or simply wish to share experiences about the mortgage world. Let’s build connections and explore our opportunities together!