Use Restricted Stock Units to Buy a Home

After accounting and tax evasion scandals involving stock options rocked the early 2000s, technology employers began issuing companywide Restricted Stock Units (RSU) as a form of compensation to attract and retain employees.  Similar to stock

The Loan Solution for Small Business Owners

Given the right situation, there is an appropriate fit for each loan program we offer.  And for some small businesses or sole-proprietors, that solution may be our Bank Statement loans. Traditional underwriting guidelines require a 2-year

How Asset Depletion Programs Works

Did you know?  You don’t necessarily need a salary or earn self-employment income to qualify for a loan!  “Asset depletion” is a way to extrapolate a fictional revenue stream from a borrower’s financial assets to qualify for a conventional

Land Loans: Are They Worth It?

With the price of existing homes in Silicon Valley resting at all-time highs, some homebuyers and developers are exploring opportunities to purchase land – here’s a quick primer on the financing behind land acquisition transactions. Land and