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How to Reduce a Mortgage Rate When Buying a Home

Are buyers starting to set anchor while on the fence?  Here’s a creative solution to having them finally jump into the market… Real Estate markets are finally balancing out, and buyers are starting to see more and more negotiating room, including seller credits and/or (gasp!) price reductions! One way to provide an incentive to buyers […]

How to Shop For a Mortgage

When you start the homebuying process, you should know that you have options regarding your mortgage. There are many important factors to consider in a purchase transaction, including loan terms, turn times, program fit, ease of underwriting, and service. In a competitive market, your impulse may be to move quickly to secure the home you want […]

How to Avoid Common Mortgage Scams

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a homeowner of multiple properties, you are a target for mortgage scams. You will receive them in the mail, over the phone, through emails, and even in text messages. Types of mortgage scams Bait-and-Switch Schemes These can come in the form of “too good to be true” interest […]